Changes in funeral services due to Coronavirus

The changes in the funeral services due to the coronavirus situation has led to many families feeling heartbroken as they are not able to say ‘goodbye’ to their loved ones in the usual way.

Services in crematoriums in Cardiff have been limited to only 10 people allowed to attend. They have to sit 2 meteres apart (social distancing) even though they may be part of the same household. There is no physical contact allowed and I have to say that this is one of the hardest things that I had to witness when conducting a funeral service in the local crematorium.

Usually, us celebrants are very tactile people and we will shake hands, maybe even hug the family, especially if we have got to know them through the process of arranging the eulogy and learning about their loved ones.We definitely have an insight as to what their loved one was really like and we in turn write the ceremony with the focus of celebrating their life.

Even though we class our ceremonies as non-religious we do include prayers, hymns, poems and readings that include religious connotations. So the families have the choice especially if they don’t have a definite faith but know that the person who’s life is being celebrated actually loved the Lord’s Prayer for example.

The article link below demonstrates just how hard the bereavement services are finding the impact of the guidelines are having on the industry and how not being able to comfort families is so heart-breaking.

As you can see there are different ways that services can be held even if the initial service has to be held virtually. I myself are offering memorials at a later date when the bereaved families are able to say Goodbye in the best way they know how – getting together, remembering their loved one, talking about them and above all being able to hug their family and friends again.