Naming Ceremonies

Oh aren’t babies just little miracles. So innocent and beautiful, lots of cuddles, kisses and of course sleepless nights., but that doesn’t matter because the joy they bring is insurmountable.

Someone once said to me, “What is the one thing that stays with you all of your life?” After careful consideration and lots of different answers but none of them being right, they said, “It’s your name.”

Of course it is, our name defines us in how we are known by to our loved ones. We may change it a bit in professional capacities, especially if it’s been shortened by our parents when they are calling us 🙂 It’s funny though that when choosing a name for your child, you will probably say, “They don’t look like a John or an Emily” and then you soon decide on a name that will either be because of a tradition in the family or because you like that name. My son is called Luke but his dad wanted Connor, oh no, that wasn’t going to happen 🙂

These ceremonies are so amazing and personal. You can even hold it in your back garden or a beautiful spot that you and your family love to visit. And of course, it’s not just babies that can have a naming ceremony, anyone that is welcomed in to your family and you want to mark it with a celebration is just as wonderful.

Don’t be afraid to choose songs, poems, readings, pieces of your favourite music, photos and video clips. They can all be included. Today anything is possible, especially when technology goes right. You may have a favourite blessing, pop song, rhyme, or even a family member or friend playing a musical instrument that you particularly like. Even dressing up as characters from favourite stories or films is absolutely fine. The service can be as traditional or as unconventional as you wish.

As with my other ceremonies, I will spend just as much time and dedication to create an individualised ceremony that will capture the emotion and love that is demonstrated by you and your loved ones.

Oh and before I forget, don’t just have one member of your family having a naming ceremony, have two or even three, I will be happy to include a discount for such an occasion. Speak to you soon, Love Lisa xxx