5 Wedding Traditions that are still seen in Modern wedding ceremonies

Many of the traditions associated with modern day wedding ceremonies have their roots in the customs and rituals of our ancestors. Here are a few of the origins and meanings behind some of our most cherished wedding traditions

1. The Bride stands on the left and the groom on the right.


It is believed that this wedding tradition dates back to the times when the groom would ‘capture’ his bride by kidnapping her. If the groom had to fight off unwanted admirers who also wanted her as their bride, he would hold his love with his left hand while then leaving his hand free to use his sword. This tradition is still seen in modern ceremonies today, but no sword, thankfully.

Luckily, no sword needed here in a modern ceremony.

2. The Wedding cake..


A lovely wedding tradition, of course, is the Wedding cake itself. Cutting of the cake is still very much a part of modern ceremonies. This wedding tradition dates back to the Roman times where cakes were made There are records of wedding cakes being made although they were more like unsweetened loaves of bread. Over the centuries the cake design has developed into what we know as the traditional wedding cake. It was said that if a couple could kiss over the top of their cake that they would have prosperity in their future life together. In a modern wedding ceremony, the tradition of a couple cutting the cake together symbolises their commitment to each other.

Traditionally the top tier would then be kept as a cake to be used at the christening or Naming Ceremony of their first child (as long as it was a fruit cake 🙂

Beautiful and Elegant wedding cake

3.Tossing the Bouquet

Traditionally after the wedding ceremony, photos are taken. In days gone by, there were no photo’s but the women would mark the occasion by trying to tear pieces of the Bride’s dress and flowers in order to obtain some of her good luck. To get away from the crowd the bride would throw her bouquet and then run away. Now, in a modern wedding ceremony, the bouquet is thrown with the bride’s back to the guests with the belief that whoever catches it will be the next to marry.

Modern wedding ceremony – Bride tossing the bouquet

4.Third finger, left hand.

This is one of the most beautiful wedding traditions. Again it dates back to Roman times. The Romans believed that that the vein in third finger on the left hand runs directly to the heart and that the wedding ring represents a never-ending circle, symbolising everlasting love.

Today this is a wedding tradition that is still seen in modern wedding ceremonies all over the world. Wedding rings are not just for the bride now, grooms are happy to wear them too. When planning a wedding, the purchasing of the wedding rings are high on the list of the wedding to do list.

Hands and Hearts combined

5. Wedding favours

Again, this wedding tradition is still very much part of the wedding day in modern ceremonies. Traditionally, these were small edible gifts, usually sugared almonds symbolising Fertility, Longevity, Wealth, Health and Happiness. In modern ceremonies, they tend to be a keepsake for the guests from the married couple. Couples create their own favours and can be anything from a box containing a lottery ticket to personalised candles or packets of seeds. It depends on the couple, their theme and of course budget.

A wonderful keepsake

Of course, these wedding traditions do not have to be kept. Modern day ceremonies include so many different things that are really special to each couple. These days there are so many options open to couples who want to get married and there is more freedom when choosing the place that you want the ceremony to take place. Beautiful venues, the outdoors, castles, the beach or even your own back garden, and to conduct these ceremonies a celebrant is all you need and LOVE of course. http://kendellcelebrantservices.com/weddings/ http://kendellcelebrantservices.com/category/weddings/

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